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Using characteristics of car charging cable

Jan 21, 2017

1, the cable during the charge process the voltage, current, signal control and transmission network system with high pressure, high temperature, protection against electromagnetic interference, stable signal transmission, tilt-resistant folds more than 10,000 times, wear more than 50,000 times, wear more than 50,000 times, resistant to oil, water, acid, UV-resistant characteristics.

2, good concentricity, up to more than 80%, cables resistant to high pressure performance is stable and reliable.

3, the product minimum bend 4D, small space angle between the wiring used. Products with flexible features, convenient car wiring.

4, product temperature 125 ° c rated, which once was soft and insulating material which is a great deal of technological progress and upgrading to ensure the cables with flexible performance and improve the current carrying capacity of cable is very important.