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Electric vehicle charging station system

Jan 21, 2017

Charging station by function can be divided into four modules: scheduling system, distribution system, charging system, battery charging station monitoring and control system. Charging station for charging the car is generally divided into three ways: normal charging, quick charging and battery replacement. Normal charging to charge the AC, 220V or 380V voltage can be used. Fast-charging more for DC charging. Charging station equipment including charger, charging, active filters, electric

Monitor system.

Construction of electric vehicle charging and billing system, system of three-part, introduced below:

Building 1, charging and billing system management platform, centralized management of the system relate to the underlying data, such as the electric vehicle information, purchasing, asset information, and user information.

2, the construction of charging charging system operating platform, which is used to recharge electric vehicle charge and discharge and the users of electricity purchase management.

Building 3, charging and billing system search platform, used for data management platform and operating platforms are integrated query