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Adaptability analysis of electric car charging cable standards

Jan 21, 2017

In the electric-car charging cable need to move frequently, belonging to the movable flexible cable, which requires considerable flexibility, so use insulation materials and sheathing materials also need to have good flexibility. From this while consider, in IEC 60245 and IEC 602,272 a standard in the, provides of can in mobile occasions using of cable insulation material and nursing sets material, has part material (as PVC/D type PVC mixture insulation material and SE 3 type rubber mixture nursing sets material,) can meet charging cable of technology requirements, so, in early development and manufacturing of charging cable products in the, most products reference the two items standard as according to. Due to the charge of interactivity, charging cables not only bear transfer energy to electric vehicles from the connection of distribution network, also has a transfer vehicle information (voltage control, vehicle information such as charging current, insulation, etc) and charging functions such as motion control, is a kind of integrated cable of both energy and information transfer.