Type2 IEC 62196-2 EV Charging Socket Inlet

Type 2 (IEC 62196-2) Vehicle Inlet (Electric Vehicle End) 4 Point Fixing for Electric Vehicle Charging Parameters ● Model: BS-EVSC004 ● 4 Point Fixing ● Reted current: 16/32/63A 1/3phase ● Working voltage: 250V AC ● Insulation resistance: > 1000M Ω (DC500V) ● Terminal temperature rise:...

Product Details

Type 2 (IEC 62196-2)  Vehicle Inlet (Electric Vehicle End) 4 Point Fixing for Electric Vehicle Charging



● Model: BS-EVSC004 

● 4 Point Fixing

● Reted current: 16/32/63A  single/three Phase

● Working voltage: 250V AC

● Insulation resistance: > 1000M Ω (DC500V)

● Terminal temperature rise: <50K

● Withstand voltage: 2000V

● Contact impedance: 0.5m Ω Max

● Vibration resistance: Meet JDQ 53.3 requirements

● Working temperature: -30°C ~+ 50°C

● Dust Cap with Lanyard

● Gaiter Protection

● CE, TUV approved



● Shell Material: Thermo Plastic ( Insulator inflammability UL94 VO)

● Contact Pin: Copper alloy, silver or nickel plating

● Sealing gasket: rubber or silicon rubber



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